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MAC MSF’s in Petticoat $15 and Semi Precious Rose Quartz $30 ($50 on ebay)

MAC pigment sample in Blue Brown(free with a purchase), Urban Decay eyeshadow in Shattered $7, MAC pressed pigment in Cocomotion $7, MAC pigment in Kitchmas $7 (old jar), MAC pigment in Jardin Aires $28 ($40 on ebay) (old jar), MAC pigment in Spiritualize $18 (old jar), MAC pigment (new jar) in Tan $18

MAC 4 pan palette with Hoodwinked and a spare pan $28 which I can press with Blonde’s Gold, Dark Soul, Naked, Jigs & Jives, or Chocolate Brown MAC pigments

MAC lipstick in the infamous Myth $10

MAC lipgloss in Nice Kitty (from Hello Kitty collection) $10

Any questions please message me here! :)

*I also have beter photos and closeups of the eye makeup items if you want to see them!

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